M58 5 speed awd manual transmission

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I'm parting out 2 volvo 850 awd 5 speeds 

Both are currently still in the cars both can come with the angle if needed but I think the angle gear will work for 97-98 if your swapping a m58 into a later p80 chassis the angle gear from your car will be needed. I can include the dm flywheel and clutch along with the rear manual transmission mount. and axles again if needed. I will have pictures of both cars this weekend. I think there some pictures of the cars on instagram @850_acres. Pm me any questions or email me domo_theboss@hotmail.com I am in Canada but I am willing to arrange shipping. I'm asking $1500cad for each swap.

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Guest Domo
On 8/3/2021 at 8:01 AM, RobT5M said:

Could be the pricing. 
Most swaps here in the states are still running 500-600 range.

These m58 I thought were still rare

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