Would this 850 R be worth restoring? Hasn’t moved for over 10 years


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Hello, I am new in the car world and don’t know much about cars yet. I am looking to get my first track car. Maybe a few mods. 

Anyway I fond this old 850 R that hasn’t moved for 10 to 15 years. I contacted the owner and he would like to get rid of it for cheep. Like 700$. 

I don’t really know what I am getting into yet. Would it be worth it to restore it? 

I live in Montréal so we have harsh winter. 
P.s. it’s a manual transmission. 
Sorry for bad English I am a French Canadian 


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See if they will bite for $500 vs $700, then you have another $200 to throw into a good detail.

Anything is worth restoring as long as you have the time and money. 


If you end up picking it up, I would definitely start with a pressure washing lol. 


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