98' C70 hard top progress thread cont.


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Long story short. I bought a 98' C70 about a year ago. The mechanical work needed was/is a bit out of my wheel house, so I joined here about the same time I bought the car. I have been trying to learn what I can from both reading here on VS and watching Youtube.  I have still not given up on the learning process or the car its self. Cars in general interest me now.

The car: Pacific blue pearl 98' C70 hard top with 205k miles. Everything is stock and the interior is in great shape. Transmission seems solid, turbo works great.

2.3L 5cl T5(I think) high pressure turbo stock.

Things I have paid to fix: A/c compressor replaced - new tires - rebuilt left front axel, replaced right front axel - new sway bar - leaking coolant line -Both front struts and strut mounts replaced.

Things I did: front DH side fender replaced, new fuel filter, minor interior/exterior cosmetic detailing, New headlight wipers, replaced headlights.

Things still to do for the ol' beast: oil leak seems to be getting worse but I have my eye on it. Guy at the shop I went to says the worst of it seems to be coming from the oil cooler line so I'm going to start there. 

After getting the struts done I was hoping the squeaking sound would be gone when going over bumps but it would appear the squeaking sound was not one sound, but a series of squeaking sounds. Ball joints come to mind.. But what do I know? 

There is a repetitious clunking sound coming from the front of the car when I steer while not moving say, when pulling out of a parking space. You have to crank the steering wheel while the car is not moving. That's when it happens. Power steering rack? Anyone had this problem?

DH window is still stuck at half way up because the switch went wonky which is odd because it still rolls the passenger side up and down and the lock buttons work too. I took him for a diagnostics. Guy said its ether the regulator or the switch. The window has been an issue since i bought the car. I really want the window up.  

There is other things that I worry about but I think i'm just being paranoid 

my gauge says TEMP sometimes. When I looked it up, it said that the temp gauge most likely got unplugged and that I could find the gauge under my front bumper. I didnt see anything. 

I'm going to start with the leak first.

I figured since my progress thread got archived I would at least give ya'll an update. Still driving it like I stole it as long as it's warmed up. Love that turbo whine sound. Is it weird to have dreams about your car?





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