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    • By James A Sousa
      New serpentine belts made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) do not crack like belts made before 2000 made of neoprene, and they can last much longer.

      They do wear out however.

      Visit Gates belts website - to see a discussion and get a free gauge.

      They offer a free app or a free mechanical gauge.
    • By 850_GLT_owner
      First sound is somewhat straight forward. I hear it coming from the serpentine belt area. The tensioner moves a little, like rattling in place(not the sound). The sound sounds like a dull whine/whirr. Happens when cold and warm. My guess is that bearings are going somewhere. The belt was replaced a year ago, belt looks rather worn. I don't think I could have put it on too tight since the tensioner does it automatically.

      Second issue is harder to diagnose and worries me a little more. When I start my car and drive, I hear a sound coming from below my feet on the drivers side. It's accompanied by a corresponding feeling on the floor. It is a very dull grind/very dull scraping sound,and can feel it in my feet(slight vibration). Could this be a problem with my transmission? What can I look for? My ABS/Tracs light is on, and I had the drivers side axle replaced a few months ago. The noise is much less noticible than the sound of bad CV joint. I only notice it when I start the car, feels like its connected to my accelerating.

      I don't think i can post a video of the sound as it's very subtle, but I can try.