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13 hours ago, Rstein said:

What rims are you running? Those definitely aren't OEM Volvo but damn those look awesome.



45 minutes ago, gmsgltr said:


MR14778045438 - 17x8 w/ 5mm spacer in the rear.

using stud conversion with ET tuner lugs.

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15 hours ago, mojojo said:

Nice! were you in the S60? I don't recall seeing one recently...

I work over by KSU.

Sadly no.
I was doing work at the Town Center Mall Chick Fil A. 
I drive a grey rental/poverty spec Kia Sorento while working (provided for by work.)  

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  • 5 weeks later...

Checking in... the car has been running well. I think i've got an issue with the BCS/wires thats resulting in some intermittent under boosting issues.

Been spending a bunch of spare time on some printer upgrades!




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