'96 850 Platinum, a few questions

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I changed the brake pads and rotors on my platinum 850 a few weeks ago and I had some questions about a few things I noticed. I'm not too familiar with cars yet so some of my knowledge is lacking.

1. This thing has burned/leaked oil since I bought it, and I noticed some wet oil on the corner of the block near the passenger cv axle (I think that's what it's called...) and on the cv axle boot. What could be causing this oil leak, bad seal or gasket somewhere? And should I replace the boot since it's soaked in oil?

2. should there be something inside the rear spring? like a shock or something? What's the rubber looking thing that's just floating around in there?



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Is the boot on the axle torn?  If so, that could be the source, although it doesn't look like grease.  You will have to see how far up the oil is leaking on the back of the engine to determine the source.

It looks like the bump stop fell off.  It is normally attached inside the spring at the top.  It still works as it is captive within the spring.

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The oil leak could be a number of things.

Off the top of my head:

Crank seal, oil cooler thermostat, oil lines, and cam seals can all present in that area.

Best to clean it well and closely monitor for the location.

as zappo said, bump stop has fallen. It still works, but can cause an annoying sounds when going over bumpy terrain. Not a big rock on this car, at this age. Watch the oil leak though.

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