98' C70 2.3 So many problems. Some fixed

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I hardly know anything about mechanics but I am trying.

My pcv system has needed to be done for a long time and I did'nt realize. I was trying to diagnose issues with drivability and stuttering on takeoff or idle. Also wondering where my oil has been going when there are no apparent leaks. Well, I watched more RobertDIY and he talked about how the oil could shoot out of the dipstick to the under hood of the car. I looked and there is indeed oil shot all over the under of my hood. I don't think i blew any seals yet. I ordered a Pcv replacement kit and am going to attempt it. Terrified, New jobs riding on this. I have the RobertDIY video and have studied it. Only job i have done was replace my fuel filter myself and a fender replacement.

Dash says TEMP or DISC where the time is displayed. I think it means the temp gauge is disconnected but I cant find it.


Popping new codes as well P0116.  Coolaint temp sensor Looks doable but has to wait. Priority is PCV


P0442 - small leak in evap system


Secondary air pump inoperative - smog device


misfire - cylinder 1 (i think)


Running too rich - due to inoperative secondary air pump i believe.


coolaint tank leak somewhere - needs new tank


Used cars have gone up in price a lot since i paid $1000 for this car a year or so ago. I have grown to really love my Blue coup and have yet to give up on it. Any advice or help in any way is going to help calm me in my attempts. I don't know much about any of this but have actively learned as im going. 





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Temp sensor is easy.  You can do it at the same time you are doing the PCV system.  It may also be the reason you are running rich.

Pulling the intake manifold off is the hardest part of the PCV system replacement, but not really that big of a deal.

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From what i Have seen there isnt too much i can mess up in the job. I'm going to mark the parts as I go and take pictures. Parts just arrived. Thanks for the support.

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