01 XC Fuel Pressure Regulator (no sensor)


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01 xc, no fuel pressure sensor on end of the rail, I see it has the damper attached to the underside. 

Seems to be mixed info out there, would it be the one near the PS rack? I'd look myself but don't have the ability 

Part number would be helpful when I look on FCP it only suggests the sensor on the end of the rail

No CEL but just recently after driving for a bit the car would have a rough start and die, not every time, inconsistent at best.

I can keep it running with the pedal and once you get going it stays running. Also noticed some slight hesitation around 3k rpm 1/2 throttle or so, not so bad that it jerks but with the radio off it can be heard. 

Of course the fuel pressure sensor came up in searching


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