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Indiana - Evansville - Evansville Volvo

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Here is my story. I was hired by a ladie to go inspect her 2004 S60 2.5T because the dealer in Evansville in. said that her motor was bad and had to be replaced and the car had 5000 miles on it and they said that they would not warrenty the motor because they had the oil changed at a fast lube place and it was not a oem volvo oil filter. They told her that the engine had been ran without oil and that the engine bearing were burned up and that they would would have to revove the engine and ship it to sweden to have it rebuilt and the engine would cost $10,5000.00 without labor. The ladie called me because of my reputation with volvos. She and her lawyer ask me to go and inspect the motor and access the damage. Before i did this i made a call to some friends in Rockliegh NJ VCNA and they also ask me to go and inspect the engine. When i got to the dealership i ask to look at the engine so that i could see the damage and they had put the oil pan and the cylinder head back on and would not remove anything for me to do a proper inspection and told me if i wanted to insoect it that the ladie would have to come and pay her bill and have the car removed from there primises. oh yeah they also offered to buy the car from her for $13,000.00 So i offered the ladie $15,000.00 and she said OK so i got the car disassembled the engine and found that all of the bearings look like brand new but found that the number two piston pin bushing was worn and was cuasing a light knock in the motor. Upon more investigation i found that the number two cylinder oil squirter for the piston pins were clogged. So i fixed it all and replaced the bad connecting rod got it all back together and the motor runs like new.Now is where it gets really crazy. See i know that the engine warrenty is gone now and i don't have a problem with that but after i get it running and go for a drive the transmisiion stops pulling after one day of driving so i take it to the same dealer and they said as long as the torque convertor was installed properly that the transmission waould be covered under warrenty. So they call me today and said that the torque convertor was fine on the installation but that since i had removed the cover of the valve body to check for contamination since it had quit pulling when the dealer was not open that cause the warrenty on the transmission to be void also. So what would you do??

Terry VMS

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