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Boost Problems

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I own a 1996 850R. I have a XSTurbo manual boost controller on it and the wastegate rod is wound in two turns.i have a mandrel bent 2.5 inch cat back on it with a K&N drop in filter.

When i first did the mods the boost would raise to 15 psi then cut out so i was carefull driving it was possible to get it to run up to about 16 under hard load then it would drop back if i was on and off the gas quickly.

Now it is cutting out around 10 psi i have not done anything to the car it just started cutting out under medium acceleration. It's not very fun like that.

Has anyone run into this problem..The computer is a stock 850R computer

Off the line if i jump on it. it use to jump to 16psi the drop down to about 12 and stay there, now it will jump to 11 or 12 but if it stays there for longer than about a second or two it will cut out so it have to keep it under 10 all the time..

Thanx for any input..scott d

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This topic is now closed to further replies.