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dg94 850 turbo

Having Trouble Starting The Car

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Before I begin, I want to thank everyone for helping me out on an issue before that I had with the car at high speeds and the steering wheel was shaking. This has stopped. I took the car in and got my tires balanced. I've been driving on the highways and haven't gotten anything. I'm still unsure if it will happen again, but we'll see.

Now, I am having trouble starting my car in the cold weather or when I leave it for a few days. I have to crank the car up a few times and then hold the gas down all the way. Any suggestion guys?

I have an 850 Turbo 1994.

Thanks again.

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What is a battery load test?

I think my mechanic did that. But, again, what is a battery load test?

it measures the ability of the battery to start the car... as batteries age, they get worse at starting your car.

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