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Does anyone know of any good places online or anything that has good deals on seats as a pair and brackets for 240's? or is Corbeu or how ever u spell it the only kinda that makes brackets for 240's? anyways if any could give me some help id really appreciate it. or if they have purchased seats before.


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The best place for seats that I know of is Pole Position. VERY helpful staff if you give them a call and they are willing to work with cars that have tough fitments (my Honda Prelude was one of those).

Stay away from Wedge Engineering brackets - too heavy and usually poor fitment. PP will probably steer you the same way. See what they can do for you.

They are also one of the few Cobra seat dealers in the US. With the quality of Sparcos seeming to go downhill (slowly) and the price of Recaros staying pretty high, Cobra is a great option.

Not sure if you want a reclinable sport seat or a racing bucket. The Cobra Daytona beats the pants off the Torino and edges out the Recaro Speed/SRD and its more durable than either. For a racing bucket, the Suzuka is a great seat but there are several others that have a pretty big following.

Bride are, of course, excellent seats but I couldn't justify putting them in anything less than a $40k car. Serious track guys in the states tend to go with Racetech or Butler Built anyways. The Brides are certainly track-capable if you get the right model but with the what you pay / what you get ratio, they end up being fashion statements more than anything else.

oh yeah, I remember carried an in-house brand called Darkstar which was supposed to be pretty good for brackets. They had 240 brackets on clearance awhile back too (something like $70 a set!). website is down now though - not sure if they're still in business.

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