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Fixing The Bubbling Door Trim Panels

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3 out of 4 of the interior door panels on my 98 V70GLT are experiencing the infamous peeling/bubbling that they're prone to. I've been looking at it for a year, mostly ignoring it for fear of getting into a door disassembly mess.

A recent door-lock problem forced me to taka apart one door, though, so now I'm looking at the back of the panel, thinking "maybe this won't be so bad to fix..." while I've got everything apart anyway.

So, has anyone actually managed to fix this problem successfully?

My thoughts: The panels seem to be made of some sort of laminated particle board, and the door handle sub-panel that is bubbling does not seem to be removable (glued on). I need to get adhesive under the vinyl and find a way to press the vinyl down into the sub-panel.

I was thinking about drilling a small hole in the back of the sub-panel and sealing a vacuum pump hose into the hole. Then, using a syringe, inject glue under the vinyl while drawing a vacuum, which would suck down the vinyl. I figure I may need a hair dryer to soften up the vinyl and allow it to conform.

Has anyone tried something like this, or similar? I know Volvo used to sell a kit that involved peeling the vinyl off and regluing it, but disassembling the subpanel from the main one seems like a recipe for disaster.


98 V70 GLT

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This topic is now closed to further replies.