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actually some boards have a test before you totally register, you have to read the stuff then a multiple choice of standard questions, this would work.

simple things, such as

Q1: if i dont know what kind of turbo i have, i do the following

option 1: send a pm to the admin

option 2: post a topic in all forums and hope someone answers

option 3: request the phone number to a volvo dealership

option 4: use the search function

option 5: check sticky

both option 4 and 5 are correct

Q2: I want to get a chip, but im going to ask which one is the best

option 1: post a topic about which one is the best, which results in 200 pages of arguements

option 2: search and make your own decision based on the results

option 2 is correct

Q3: I like this girl but she has a boyfriend, what should i do

option 1: post a topic so we can all argue about who doesnt have an standards

option 1 is sorta correct

Q4: is 2 turbos better than one with Xlitre engine

option 1: post a topic so we can tell you by the end why 4 turbos wont work with our engines

option 2: do a search to find out why 4 turbos wont work on our engines

option 2 is correct

Q5: I have this really cool video from overladded

option 1: post a topic with a link to the video

option 2: dont ever post it and yes we have all seen it

option 2 is correct

Q6: Im looking for a vadis copy and password

option 1: post a topic that will get closed or deleted

option 2: check ebay

option 2 is correct

some sample questions

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