Tdo4hl-16t Straight Flange For Sale


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:tup: Great deal Greg, and don't worry about being new to the forum Greg, at least you know how to post a good for sale thread :D I really do hate it when new people come onto the boards and post a for sale thread with only 10 words in the whole listing without a picture or price, that's what it's allllll about....... NOT!!!!

Good luck with the sale, unfortunately I am not in the market for ANOTHER turbo right now, I have too many on my plate as is.

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Such a steal... I'm tempted, even though I have a brand new GT35R dual BB 1.06A/R turbo inbound.

Scott C.

And to think that you just sold a practically brand new 16t as well :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.