Tdo4hl-16t Straight Flange For Sale


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Man, I wish that I knew how to read flow charts... It's probably very easy, I just don't know...

this page will tell you all that you need to know.

it's geared toward mitsu 3kgt, but almost all of it applies to other cars if you know what the differences are. seriously good read if you are into or modifying turbocharged cars.

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Really? I thought that later model 850's had a straight flange outlet...

you assume correctly. some 95's, and most 96 and up came with straight outlet 15g, so this is a direct swap for those people.

even if you have a conical 15g, you can swap the exhaust housings and use your current dp...just a v-band and wastegate arm clip holding them together as I learned this past weekend.

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