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California - Huntington Beach - Volvoseekers

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I bought an S70 from them on Mar. 6. Were very accomodating to my requests, until I realized, they were not following through. I was promised they'd get me another key, which I was willing to pay for, but they didn't respond after I left 2 messages. One particular item was getting a missing coin holder, which they volunteered to mail me. After more phone calls, I forgot about the key and was just calling about the coin holder. After about a week of trying, someone finally answers. She(H) says YES, I will mail it you right away. So, I wait. After another week, her husband© answers, then says, YES, it's here, I will mail it today. After one more week, I got a hold of the wife(H) who says, "YES, I always try to mail it but line is long in post office so I just leave. But tomorow, I don't care if line is long, I will definitely mail it!" This was 2 days ago. Today, I called. Someone else answered and I asked if there's a coin holder on the desk. Sure enough it was still sitting there. I told him I'm on my way to get it. C & H were not there. I drove there, and finally got it, but guess what...It was not even packed ready to ship! It was still unpacked with my DMV papers taped to it. It is now April !!! I just hope they mailed my papers to DMV already. But if I think about it, maybe I could park illegally and they will get billed! :P

Anyway, lesson learned (but I never learn)....don't trust smooth talkers. Always ask for IOU notes for things you request during purchase.

And with Volvoseekers ? They'll always leave you seeking for them !!! They even offered services. They have a Volvo mechanic and a body repair guy for dings.....I was excited since I now have 2 Volvos they could service, but after this experience for a simple request, I don't know what other problems I could encounter if I go back. It would have been nice to display their license plate frame on my car, but NAH!

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