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California - Buena Park - Shelly Volvo

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I only came here because my 'check engine' light came up and I thought, accdg. to the manual, that service would be covered under emmissions warranty. Nope! They diagnosed it for $130, that is, sticking an OBD II reader to see the code. Then replaced the evaporator canister valve at around $35 addt'l. A week later, the light came up again. So, I go back. The service rep. says they have to charge me again for diagnosis. Or, he said, talk to the manager. So I drove away since it was too early, no manager yet. I called the manager later and told him about the situation. I drove back and they saw that it was a brittle rubber tube that was leaking air. They replaced it for no charge, thanks to the manager. But I thought, shouldn't it be SOP not to charge for that short period of time?

Five months later, light came up again ! I took it to an indy shop, BVA motors in Santa Monica. They diagnosed it FOR FREE! But since they saw the same code, they advised me to go back to Shelly to get free warranty service. I drove back to Shelly and they will charge me again for diagnosis ! I said it is the same error, I already know the diagnosis! I was asked to talk to manager again, but he was not there since it was too early. It's a new service manager too! The one before now works in the service shop! So, I called up later and he said if it's the same error then we won't charge, if it is another, we will charge.

I was confident it's the same, since BVA saw it already, so I took it back. Then came the verdict, they said they saw the same error code, so they replaced the part again for free, BUT they claim they also saw another error code! For that, I supposedly got a discount for diagnosis, $65, but they had to replace my gas cap, so add another $34 for it. THE TRUTH ??? I will never know. You be the judge. I DON'T TRUST THEM!

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