15" Dracos For Trade.

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Hey guys, just wondering if anybody is interested in trading their set of rims for some 15" Dracos. I'll even settle for Cetus rims!!! Will trade for any 15" or over rim, although 15" rims are prefered.

The rims are in pretty good condition for 17 year old rims. There's some light scratches on the rim itself and a some minor curb rash. The rims unforunately do not have the center hubcaps for them.

I'm located in Brampton, Ontario Canada.

I will post pics up soon :).

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Pictures :)!!!

The Whole Set:


Please note: red circles in next pic point out all areas on rim where dirt was left off when weights were taken off. It is not curb rash.


Here's some pics of the scratches and minor curbing. I don't think it's too bad.





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Tell the people how you got them. ;)

No problem man :).

I got these rims for free from my auto teacher. I just thought maybe somebody would have a set of FWD rims that they might not need and would be interested in getting some RWD rims.

Got a problem Ed :huh:?

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I guess I'll bump this up again. Rims are still available for anyone who's interested.

I'm also willing to trade for some 4x100 or 4x114.3 rims :).

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