Cool Twin Turbo 242 1975

Swedish Mike

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This is the first test run on a really cool 242.

2 litre engine with Verdi/JE, 16V head and twin 16T turbo´s, Haltech, forged crank, solid lifters, cams, ITB´s, Öhlins suspension, S60R brakes, M3 gearbox, Sachs 2 disc clutch, bent rear axle (for camber) with Quaife LSD...

Take a look...


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Engine bay:


Low Rider???


Need fuel?

Link does not seem to work. Just sits there and says connecting.

It works for me but I can only see it with VLC media player. :(


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it looks like it will be crazy, but why green? it isn't staying that color is it?

It´s the ugly stock color, pretty cool! He want to keep it as a funny thing. :D


:o swcheet ride...

How much power is the motor rated at and is he running Nira?


Haltech E11, you can run pretty much all EMS´s on a 4 cyl.


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