Parting Out 850r Black


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Has ANYONE recieved anything from the seller? I would like to buy parts but want to know that it is safe first

I am here to rob volvo enthusiasts, really man, I just recieved money from the 1st couple people and Im shipping out thier parts tomorrow. I will take pictures of whatever it is, and if something is not right I am honest about it, I could have said my front bumper cover was in perfect condition and ripped someone off good there, hey how about if I said I had some titans up for grabs, im sure that would have gone over as well, I didnt.

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How much for the turn signal/cruise control arm?

I actually found the receipt, I paid 96 and the guy gave me a discount the actual price they charge is 108.26 through volvo, so 50$ is def fair, hah, I will send you the receipt with it in case it ever malfunctions you can complain.
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