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Okay, this attempt at a group buy is over. If anyone wants a fairly cheap buy on this tool ($66-67 to your door), then IM me or email me.

Update as of Thurs AM, Aug 24- I need 10 people by midnight Sunday Aug. 27 EST for this to go. Otherwise, this GB will be off. Also, the latest is that I can't do it for $60....it's going to be $65 shipped to your door. Please repost your commitment if you want to go this route.

How many would be interested if I can get the Draper Reset Tool for all of us (shipping included) for $60 U.S.? Been talking to this company in England. http://www.ultimatestyling.com/catalog/pro...products_id=894

IPB Image

Instructions for use here:


No need to take your car to the dealer to get the Service light turned off any more.

No need to take the bulb out of your dash.

No need to put a black piece of tape over the light on your dash.

No need to ignore the ligtht that's on anymore.

I used mine today after I changed my oil and my light was out in seconds.

Also resets the SRS (airbag) light. (I haven't tried this because it's never been on)

Just tell me if you're interested. I believe I have to have at least 10...maybe 15 people....still negotiating this. Of course, I'll try to bring prices down a bit more too.

Been talking to another company that says they can do this for $60 shipping included if we get at least 10. (Edited the price above to reflect this)

LIST of Possible Participants

CRK (wants 2)

JHEIII874T5M (stongly interested)



Did I miss anyone?

Please Read

I'm not getting the kind of deal (shipping from the UK is killing it) that I thought I could get.

If we get 10 people, then 10 of these can be sent to my front door for just over $60 each (in one big box), then I will still have to send them out myself to each person here. Maybe this group buy is not such a good idea after all.

However, I have found where you can get the tool shipped directly to you for between $66-$67 using PayPal (depending on the current exchange rate between Pounds/Dollars), but it's an eBay auction and I can't post that in this forum. If you are interested in this tool for that amount, then please email me or PM me and I'll let you know where the deal is.

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How about trying a GB for the VOL-FCR software as it can reset Service light, SRS light, read live data from ECU and more. It's expensive but offers more features for the money.


I'm not that familiar with it. Just know that the little tool really impressed me and it's cheap. I have an Equus Innova 3100 for my regular code reading, but know I can't reset SRS or read other hidden Volvo codes with it, but the draper tool will do the SRS light.

Let's see what others say. If the other software seems better and there's more interest in that, then maybe we should switch gears. How much is it typically anyway?

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By the way, you guys do know that it will reset the airbag (SRS) light on 850's, 40 and 70 series Volvo's right?

Edited my original post to indicate this.

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Let's see what others say. If the other software seems better and there's more interest in that, then maybe we should switch gears. How much is it typically anyway?

Something like 200 British pounds - which makes it rather expensive compared to generic OBD2 software. I'm curious about the "live data" feature - what does it read that OBD2 doesn't.

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Is there any obd2 software that lets one pull the ECC codes?

Not that I know of...but the built in Junction boxes in the '93- '95, along with apparently some '96's have these.

Down to $60 if we get 10 or more. Negotiating with another company at this point I found on the internet last night... as the first one was too high and they were not willing to lower prices, just free shipping. This second company is lowering prices as well as free shipping.

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If you can get them for 60.00 or below with shipping.....I will buy 2 ASAP!!

Working on it...clarifying exactly how we'll "buy" the item right now. Trying to work it out so each member here can purchase directly for that price so I don't have to get in the middle of doing the money management. That way they can send directly to you as well. Looks very promising at this point.

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Can someone please explain to me the difference between Alex Peppers OBD-II reader, the Draper Reset Tool, and Vol-FCR. Advantages/Disadvantages

My SRS light is on and I need to reset it before I take my car in for inspection (which is already overdue, got a $50 ticket yesterday!) Im wondering what is the best product to purchase for my purpose. I currently do not have an OBDII reader.

Thanks for the info.

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The two "software" products you spoke of use a PC (laptop preferable) to look at engine diagnostics and other "hidden" functions. They claim to reset the SRI as well as the SRS light but I'm not sure if the Alex Peper software really does. Some "hidden" volvo data is still hidden from them. The draper tool requires no computer...you just plug it in, but it only claims to reset 1. SRI (service reminder indicator) lamp and the SRS (secondary restraint system, or airbag) lamp. Hope this helps.

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