Who Would Be Interested In A Qbm Endlink Group Buy?


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I'm wrapping up a UK QBM group buy

Whhhoooooo!!!! Glad your back on the forum Greg.

Ive sent you 2 seperate emails for a new invoice, the first to update my want list, the second cause im an idiot and totally forgot about another part i wanted.

Cant wait until I get all the parts ive ordered, pics will be taken and once ive fitted everything, a 'These parts are the best in the world' thread will be posted up B)

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For those of us who are interested, about how long--approximately--until this GB officially starts, and how long --approximately--until we have the parts in hand?


Darn... I was going to wait till you released a complete handlign kit or sumthing of the sort with Control Arms / Endlinks / and a few other mystery parts.

My Current set of OBM v2 seem to either be moving / corroding, so i wanted to replace them eventually

Well the aa arm bushings are still a few months out, and even longer for 4 bolt. So you would have been waiting for a while.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.