300whp S70 T5 Manual


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What would be needed to acheive 300whp?Stage 0 is complete and I don't want no2!This is my third volvo,two 850r's and now a s70 t5 manual that is pretty Darn quick is stock form.

Would the 16t effeicently enough with full exhaust?What about the rods and tuning?Speedtuning NOWAY!Is rica the only custom tuner?What about meth injection anyone tried it?Works wonders on turbo bimmers when tuned for it.

One last question is the maf sensor is way small to flow any kind of cfm thru it and not max out.What a good way around it?

Sorry for the rant,please only experienced awnsers! THANKS

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No, 16T won't do it. The rods will take it.

Do Rica, Upsolute also does custom tunes. A system like Aquamist that can provide water/methanol can work great.

The MAF is fine for 300whp.

Get a 19T, full 3" exhaust, some blue or green injectors, call Rica, Samco hoses, K&N drop in filter, and call it a day.

For Rica, contact John Ross... sales@centralresearch.net. For 3" exhaust, try to go locally, if not... get ready to shell out a pretty penny. For Aquamist, feel free to shoot me a PM. :)

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Darn MAF SENSORS LOOKS SMALL,,OK THAT'S GOOD NEWS THO.I have a stage one coolmist setup off my m3 with a m5 jet should be ok.I know the srt4 boys pick up alot of power from wi.

Next I was thinking of getting a rrfpr to supplement a tune,I don't want bend another rod!been there done that!Joe have you ever trying tuning with just a rrfpr and a wideband?

I'm not new just been playing around with my m3 for a few years

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50/50 water meth should do fine to cool the intake..Iknow about the ecu pulling timing I data logged my 850r it's amazing how bad it pulls.

Just would like to find out if the ecu pulls cause of the heat from the boost spike or the quick voltage spike a the maf sensor.I guess I'll find out when I get the WI. installed and do some data logging.

15psi boost spikes pulled timing down to 5 degrees and then it would climb back as the rpm went up.

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