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When I saw saw the pic without even reading the words, my jaw just dropped and couldn't help muttering "gawd no, not again". Sorry Pat, I really feel for ya but as they say the impt thing is all parties are physically alright. Hope you're totally OK soonest.

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uhm, i'll sell the '00 when im done with it?

only if it has and engine and trans and rear axle in it ... being i need the engine there and then i need an exhaust manifold and turbine housings i have ... and then the trans and all that jazz needs to be there to do a proper AWD down pipe .. and then remove that stuff to make normal fwd down pipe's haha

call the time @ the shop for the frame pull $3k ... $300 for a used hood, $100 -200 each for used fenders .. and center support .. what else is damaged? i say take the 9k .. spend 4k to have it fixed ..and have 5k for the 240

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A cheaper solution to that problem would be to get a member that already has a 3" downpipe to mail him yours for a week or so so you can mock one up. Possible a member whos car is not going to be running for a while... (Josh)

Pat that really sucks man. I hope that everything works out for you. If you are going to be selling parts though, I would be more then happy to at least try and help. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.