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Wetsanding Rear Tailgate Glass

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After my accident I bought a tailgate from Erie that was is good condition but has that "we never changed out wiper blade" syndrome. It's not too bad, I've seen a lot worse, but it is very slightly scratched in the sweep pattern ... enough that I can just barely feel it with my fingernails. I mentioned feeling it with my nails because I know cerium oxide has been recommended for glass polishing, but everything I've read about it says that if you can feel the scratch that c.o. won't remove it. I've talked to two different glass/repair shops here and they won't use their scratch removal gear on my tailgate because they say it's tempered glass and it will break, unlike the front which is laminated. Sounded a little odd to me, but that's what the said.

So ... I've been thinking maybe I can wetsand the glass then use a glass polish? I hate to ruin the glass, it's over $800 to replace from Safelite and that's not even an oem Volvo piece, but I know once I get the tint put on that the scratching will show up better and start bothering me, lol. Anyone have experience with this?

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