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so to you that have either read the yellow everywhere thread, or come across it, geoff and i were trying to get a bunch of yellows together for a photo shoot, and it sounded like more than just yellows wanted to show up, and a couplle of people asked to come. so we are just saying that i guess we could call this another NWC meet, or whatever, but whoever wants to come can come. it will be on 10/7 (its a sunday), at a place that we have not yet thought of, so carson, geoff, jake, and i should will for shure be there, and just shoot as us if you wanna come. if you have a good place to meet, give us a holler (i hope the shoot is better than the last in the parking lot a JC pennies)


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i got a great new place for a meet up / show off.

the St. Alphonsus parking lot, on 15th and 57th NW. As long as it's not on a sunday, the parking lot is HUGE, and it's right by a grocery store, and a gas station.. not to mention it's about 6 blocks up from Ivan's parents Volvo yard.

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st. al's sucks! haha.. i have to say that comeing from st.Johns

man why does it gotta be sunday? seahawks man come on!

try and do it before the game please... :)

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