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Socal Crew Info. Update Thread

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So, it's been a while since I updated the SoCal VolvoSpeed members' list. Please PM me your info if you are in the Southern California area ie Santa Barbara and south of there.

Here is the format you need to PM me. Feel free to leave out any information that you wish not to opine.

VolvoSpeed name / Full Name / email address / primary contact number / AIM screenname / year, make and model of car / city you're in

I have a list of about 25 members, but it needs to be updated. This information will in no way be used for purposes other than contacting you about all things VolvoSpeed. The information will not be given to anyone outside of VolvoSpeed without your permission.

This list will help us stay in touch, contact each other in case of emergency, or to relay information related to VolvoSpeed events or occurences.

Thanks, and each person that replies will be emailed a spreadsheet copy of the list.


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pm sent

PM received and Mike, Jason, and Paul, shoot me over emails with all the info anyway....

Even if you know I have the info, I need you to PM me the info.

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