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i know the area well...maybe we could go as far north as Old Field....i suggest meal first given the constraint some have for time and the distance and availability of decent restaurants in the have to go into St. James on the west side before you could find a restaurant that would seat all of us... like boulder creek or someother such joint...

ill scan 347 and see what i can see if you guys definitely want to eat after the drive.

also is nassau county out of the question? there are a lot of folks who are coming from the west....maybe an oyster bay or long beach type drive?

i know stony brook is + 30 mins from hicksville on the NSP....

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OK..Here's what I'm thinking and I think it will be for a great weekend!

I was thinking we leave from the Ikea area or D&B and head out to Nissequogue area. We can go in from fort Salonga from Sunken Meadow Parkway, and take the backroads to Smithtown, pass the park, go into head of the harbor, Harbor Hills, and end up at the duck pond in Stony Brook, take soem photos by the SB Yacht club, and decise if we wanna go further east or not.

what you think?

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ughh this drive is going to be tough for me, i can get there and chill and w/e...but i have to get back to rockville centre at some point so if we go far ill have NO IDEA how to get back :(

aw, brothah relax....there is no way any of us are going to get you lost, and we wont leave you stranded... besides we're not going that far at all, we'll see what pops up by way of the route, from what i understand, while the plans ARE congealing, they are not set in stone we'll see.

obviously every single person is considered here.

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Grr I hate being at school. I want to meet up with you guys soooo bad. I'm in Port Jefferson Station so Stony Brook/ Setauket is like rolling out of bed for me. This sucks. ::throws hissy fit in dorm room::

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