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Is anyone else under 21 going.....I might have to hit up the arcade at dave and busters if I go ^_^

dude you dont have to be under 21 to appreciate the arcade feature.

im 24 and i will be rocking the arcade. ROOOOOCK. :ph34r:

besides what else do you do at d&b's besides get blasted

( :excl: which is out of the question. i wont hear anything else. this is a dry run, we will be driving. not that for next time or later that night :excl: )

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A few important points have been made in the last 4 posts:

we all have to act responsibly

I will not be drinking at all, thats all I can say.

Also, we will be eating and doing arcade, but we also have to have time for the drive. Let's limit the arcade time to 30 min max. We will agree on a time, just make sure you are outside by that time.

As a forewarning, the roads where we will be driving though are very twisty, off camber, and have a few blind turns. We will also be driving, for the most part, through a small village that has their own police department, their own laws, and their own way of dealing with things, and from personal experience THEY ARE VERY STRICT with speeding, and as a friend of mine found out, especially intolerant about driving and alcohol. Tailgating is also not encouraged. These words are not meant to discourage people, but remember: we all have lisences to drive, and that means we all have to be responsible. There are other people on the road as well as us, so we have to respect them as well.

It will be a good time :)

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yea I dont want this to turn out into a day I lose my car to some embankment on the side of the road.

you will not lose your car...not on my gtg.

this will be a scenic drive not a tarmac rally session.

I will be the lead car, and we will not rally though roads. I will take a drive the day before to see if all is good. If people want, they can do another lap and we can hang out for a bit.


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