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2001 V70 Transmission Clunk Problem

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I've been reading about the tranny problems of the 01+ V70. Mine used to exhibit the shift flare from 2nd to 3rd gear. I've had the "neutral start" upgrade several years ago. I've recently changed the tranny fluid and replaced the B4 servo. Now the shift flare occurs on the 3-4 shift.

Is there another servo for the 3-4 shift?

It seems that the tranny only does this when hot-could adding a cooler make a difference?

A side note, I used Toyota T-IV fluid in the tranny per this Mazda TSB.

DATE: October 13, 2004

SUBJECT: 2005 Mazda6 Automatic Transmission Fluid REFERENCE NO: RF- 04-34

The 2005 Mazda6 with V6 engine and the 6-speed Automatic Transaxle (ATX) requires a special

type of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF).

The Aisin Warner produced 6-speed requires ATF type JWS3309 produced by Mobil and Exxon.

This new fluid is NOT compatible with any current fluids offered by Mazda such as

(Dexron II/III, Mercon or Mercon 5. Any mixing of JWS3309 fluid with Dexron II/III, Mercon or

Mercon 5 will cause internal ATX damage and/or shifting concerns, even if just topping off

the ATF during PDI.

At this time, JWS3309 ATF is not available through Mazda, but can be purchased from the following

sources using their fluid part numbers listed below:

MFG. Part Number

Ford XT-8QAW

Volvo Volvo 1161540

Toyota T-IV

Mobil JWS 3309

GM GM 9986195

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isn't there a software TCU update for this?

Yes I believe there is ...all these problem could be corrected if they ditched the fly by wire and went back to cable and a vacuum controlled trans like they used to do ...however engineers need jobs too? Somewhere there is an engineer sittin in a high rise sippin coffee thinking life is good.

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