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Re-sealed the stans wheels last night...what a fuggin mess. Never rolled tubeless before, needless to say I'll have 2 tubes in the pack...

Stans works if done properly but the learning curve for sealing a tire is tricky. Much easier if you have a compressor and can pump it up rapidly like seating a car tire.

Also make sure you role it around after inflating to make sure it coats the whole inside.

I have had it seem like it's not working after a decent puncture and I'll top off the air and gently roll the tire around and the leak will stop.

Remember to add some periodically too.. I think they recommend 6 months. I go a year and i'm fine.

Carrying a spare tube is never a bad idea though.

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Serge, what brakes did you settle on?

Still running the Tektros, but switched pads to the Kool Stop salmon colored pads (slide right into the Tektro holder, which is a clone of the Dura-Ace holder). Much better braking Very happy with it for now. May upgrade the calipers later, though.

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bought a pair of these for my Rails to trails bike. the CX tires are so heavy. Hopefully these are tough enough.


They've held up great on the wife's commuter bike. She runs over everything, glass, rocks, etc... and they barely have any marks on them.

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Been riding my road bike for a while and decided to give my mtb some love, new tread switched to SRAM XO components and went tubeless and also rebuilt the BB/Headset/Hubs with new grease and bearings.  Rode it on the trail earlier in the month and it rode well.  I think it might be time to get a new crank though.  Thinking of swapping out my Hayes HFX-9's in favor of a set of Magura Marta SL's I have sitting around but I'm not sure if I want to since the haye's do their job for the most part....




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Finally got the yeti out...This bike is awesome, plenty of little things i need to do but off to a great start with this one..

Definitely not down with the 1x10, getting the front der back on asap, also putting a shorter stem on and going back to shimano pedals as well....



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