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59 minutes ago, flyfishing3 said:

Steel is real though 

I can see lots of places to get that weight down on that thing. 

Oh, no question: crank, derailleur, brakes, stem, handle bars, seat post, wheels, kickstand, pedals. But then it would no longer be a $40 bike off CL unless you have all these in lightweight components just lying around in a box. The bike will last forever but it still weighs a ton. I still have a Schwinn LeTour in the basement that I bought when I was 14 and rode that thing thousands of miles including some treks through the Green Mountains with 10000 feet of elevation in a day's ride. It's still in perfect shape.

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So I got bit hard by the road bike bug early in the pandemic and it’s been a swirling mass of N+1 since. 

The Madone was beautifully light but I wanted something light that could accommodate wider tires and disc brakes for gravel and trails when called for - this led to the 2020 Domane SL6 that I fortunately snapped up before the bike supply chain completely dried up.



This was an important addition because when I added a Kickr trainer for winter riding I quickly learned that the Madone was not built for the stresses of trainer riding. So I cleaned up the Domane, transitioned to waxing the chain and it became my full time training bike.


Then in early March 2021 I took a spill, cracked a couple ribs and learned that carbon and aluminum aren’t the strongest join points for the rear dropout. Rather than being without a bike for 6 weeks minimum waiting on a repair / pulling the Domane off the trainer when I was still spending most days indoors riding, I picked up a mint 2018 Emonda SLR 9 which quickly became the primary road bike as I found there weren’t as many opportunities for trail / gravel riding as I anticipated.


So that’s the fleet and where all of my energy (and spare cash) has been focused the last couple of years until my daughter’s accident pulled me back into working on Volvos.

Mike knows all this because we swap updates regularly for indoor Zwift and outdoor rides. Some day we’ll do RAGBRAI together, right Mike? 😄

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Yeah I went off the deep end last year too.

Quick update, my last city beater (Velosport Courier) died at the hands of a 2015 Corolla that pulled out in front of me, cutting me off at 30km/h and sent me into the quarter panel and airborne when the wheel taco'd. However, I came out with a few medium bruises and $650 towards a replacement steed. So I bought a 1986 Alan Record. OG aluminum race bike, screwed and glued tubing and then I went all minimal designer on it (as I do).


Replaced all brake cables, big clean, new brake hoods, tires, tubes, Brooks Cambium C15, etc... It's currently for sale if anyone's interested. It's a 56.

Last year I began really riding with some of my friends and realized a 35 year old ride couldn't keep up. In came a 2019 Cannondale Caad 12 105 disc.


Have since done a few minor things like replace the saddle because I hated the Prologo on it, but just ridden the damn thing. Local park (Gatineau Park in Quebec) was closed to cars all summer long by a local council (as a test) and became a bicycle playground. Hoping they do it again next year.

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I'm 99% in for Ragbrai this year. Will be using PORK BELLY VENTURES to move our gear etc.


didn't get a new bike but did pick up a SARIS H3 smart trainer.  Really like it.


I keep my FELT connected to it and ride the Lynskey for roads now.

Did the RTT from Pittsburgh to DC last year on my JAMIS CX bike.

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On 1/3/2022 at 4:31 PM, quiksilver said:

...So I bought a 1986 Alan Record. OG aluminum race bike, screwed and glued tubing and then I went all minimal designer on it (as I do).


Wow. Beautiful. Reminds me of a Vitus. 

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On 5/22/2022 at 1:24 PM, Ol' Dirty Noodle said:



Not sure about the scooter, but the Peugeot has my attention.

One I just finished for myself

One for a friend of mine, just waiting on a new saddle.danibike.jpg

One I built for our nanny last year.


We probably have 13 bikes in the house, currently.

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