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Oh yeah, some updated pics of my new Cielo -- little more fine tuning, some road tires for road riding, and taken with a proper camera:








Next project I'll have on the stand is a new road bike I'm building up for my wife as a surprise gift for our anniversary. It's kinda tricky coordinating part wrangling/shipping of an entire bike's worth of parts without her figuring it out! It's not anything crazy - basic aluminum road frameset with solid components (Shimano 105/Mavic/Cinelli) but it'll be a nice step up from her current Trek hybrid. the half road bike half mountain bike thing just doesn't do much for speed... She's been complaining about how she doesn't feel fast on her bike so building her a proper road bike is my solution. I'll post up some pics once it's all together. Likely going to have to do the complete assembly of the bike all at once late night next week one day to keep it under wraps. Wish me luck ^_^

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you better have a good bike lock :lol:

Pretty sure that Cielo is never leaving my sight unless it's locked inside my house. Otherwise it'll be either under my ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD, or locked on top of the car I'm driving.

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I hardly even use it to be honest, the 39 is awesome. I think 39-50 would be the best combo for me . Went out on sat, the whirring of the chain through the fresh drivetrain is such an awesome sound. A few people passed the other direction and all I could hear was how bad their chain was squeaking, not an awesome sound.

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