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hey mark what did you mount the intercooler to? I'm thinking the aluminum bumper piece but not sure if thats the way I want to go... let me know what you figured out... I may be getting creative haha

Mounted it to the front bumper support. Had to cut out a section with the angle grinder for it to fit properly. Also removed the tow hook.

Used two L brackets and bolted it down through the top. You have to pull the whole front plastic piece off (with the headlights in) to drill and anchor the bolts but it's only a few bolts to remove.

Here's a closeup. This was during mockup. It's since been sanded and painted etc..


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I shall have to do that as well... hangs WAYYYYYY low with out that done.

Thanks. Also what does that cross piece actually do? I mean it isn't the sturdiest thing on the car, so I cant imagine it affects much of anything.

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wow, looking awesome mark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that turbo barely fits in there !

what tuning you going with ?

I'm looking into Nira at this point :)

all this on stock perfos

just awesome

i think it needs more octane

Stock perfos for the true sleeper look

That looks awsome man. Is that a 30 or 35R? With the .63 hot side do you think that it will hit full boost before 4k?


35R. I'm hoping for full boost a little before 4k. We'll see..

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