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took delivery of something today.


dual exhaust


three sets of mats(one never used)

set of winter steelies with tires

extra saffron bumper

volvo cd changer in trunk.

three keys, two fobs.











yes i still have my other R

yes i might be willing to sell the comet/meteor's =16"

if i sell the extra mats they're spoken for already

waiting for delivery as of today.

18t=from a member here

3"custom down pipe from a member here

est intake

side markers

magnecore 8.5 est

coil kit est.

est mesh grill

other small things stage 0 stuff.

next paycheck

dougs fmic

ipd tune

soon after that.

clear jewels

johns hids.


this car was woman driven, she also has an 04 vR. all service done at the dealer.

both fuel pumps replaced last month

timing done

full synthetic oil only.

93 oct.

NEC taking charge biathces.


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sweet man, how much did it set you back. good story on the previous owner, storys sell used cars, Kevin will back me up on that!

Im still debating on weather ima get me a V70R next or a 98 black C70, but your pics are swayin me towards the wagon!!!

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sweet man, how much did it set you back. good story on the previous owner,

a proper gentleman doesn't discuss money in public. :D pm me if you want.

the owner actually lives down the road from me. she never wanted to sell it and i finally convinced them. believe me when i say this. she and her hubby were crying as i left.

car was totally taken care of.

i need a new steering wheel thats about it.


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Nice pick up.

You can order SEM vinyl/leather color coat for the steering wheel to match perfectly from you local paint shop. I just ordered some for my sand interior and it was the best $24 I've spent for interior detailing. Just apply with a brush and use steel wool once dried to matte/even out the finish and you're set.

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wow!! great buy, the wagon looks great. please bring it to the next meet!

how much would you be willing to let the wheels go for?

thanks everybody i'm really pumped up to get to work on this thing.

i have no idea what these wheels are worth. shoot me a number and we can take it from there.

oh the 16t is also spoken for.

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