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depends on the damage. As for the missing piston.. duh. These are all before pics. Tore the block down this weekend, parts go to the machinest this week, still waiting on valve seals though. this i

Thanks for the tip. I've never used a camera before.... Anyway, as for the crank, damage isn't bad at all, so I'm going to have it rebalanced. No..

jeez, change your oil, it's black!

that sucks about the rod tho, rebuild, improve.

I drive 100 miles a day, so I try to run it out to about 5-6k miles between changes. If I change my oil every 3k miles, I'll be changing it like every month. I had about 5k on this.

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wow ... sucks ... so what mods and boost pressure were you running when it did this? and knock or you think just excessive CC pressures?

Still not sure what happened. had an over boost situation w/ fuel cut etc, a few days before this happened, on the way home from work car never saw anything over 14psi. It was knocking when I got out to get the mail. Only thing I can think of is I was in 5th gear at a low RPM going up a hill w/ boost rising. Car slightly stumbled, so I'm thinking it happened then. My AFRs were all fairly rich, around 11:1-12:1. It was also VERY cold that day, about 12*F.

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