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depends on the damage. As for the missing piston.. duh. These are all before pics. Tore the block down this weekend, parts go to the machinest this week, still waiting on valve seals though. this i

Thanks for the tip. I've never used a camera before.... Anyway, as for the crank, damage isn't bad at all, so I'm going to have it rebalanced. No..

sup pras??

greg, if you're gonna powdercoat em, color match to the body. if not. polishhhhhh.

My last IC pipes were polished and these are polished, they just need to be clean up and the welds dressed.

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Those are really nice welds Greg, would you be willing to help me with an exhaust later on if you have some spare time?

I don't have access to a tig at home, do at work, but not at home. All I have at home is a MIG. I'm doing mbaker's exhaust after carlisle.

28x8x3 IIRC... I think I got the same one


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