Beta Run For Member Incentives.


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Lets start out with a simple one. 50 dollars via paypal to the most helpful member. End date will be the 31st of this month. If you want to nominate someone for a helpful post just list their member name in a reply.



If you want to second a vote add an * by their name

TM850R *

second nod would look like this:


TM850R **

I will update the stats from time to time in this post so its easy to follow. On the other side if you think a nominated person was out of line somewhere list their screen name and a - as well as a link to the post you think was out of line.

Should this do well and we have good participation this will be a monthly even with more categories. If not, I tried.


thelostartof ****




Russ B

the underlørd

Leuvern *


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without a doubt, pfeener

always friendly and very helpful, not a popular "character" here, but he instills the essence of what this site is all about.

AlvinL is right up there, too, but he's a Mod

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che moderator

I am being serious, and not trying to butter anybody up. I think Chuck really knows his stuff and has obviously worked harder to keep VS helpful than anyone else. Even if you lose this contest, I at least promise to buy you a beer if we ever meet!

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