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Notable Projects And Builds

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Notable Projects:

Aarons Project 850 Wagon

Charles' Project Graphite

Erik's 850

Gregs Project T5 DD

Hussein's XC70 Build

Johann's Project MJOLNIR

Johann's Project SDII

Kimonas Build

Koen's S60 conversion

Marlboromans Project 850

Mikes Erebuni R Build

Nick Choy's V70R Build

Pats Project 244ti track car build

Project Pras

Rafs Project Carbon R

Russ's 591bhp T5R

Scotts Project6

Shnooky's Project C30

If you feel your project should be added to the list, please PM me w/ a link to your build hosted here on this site and we will check it out. What we're looking for are builds that stand out, people doing new innovative things, sick builds, etc. Not your run of the mill cookie cutter car w/ a strut bar and mad tintz(no offense meant by this). This isn't some type of exclusive club w/ a sole purpose of high fiving someone for a job well done, it's just a way to generate new ideas, raise technical questions, and hopefully improve some of the technical content on the site. I've had a lot of complaints about the lack of indepth and technical content on the board lately, so this is just my attempt to help rectify the "issue"..

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This topic is now closed to further replies.