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Fairly new to VS (mainly on sister site and envy of a lot of your cars) and love this thread. Please excuse my amateur take ... been 13 years since I've planted my feet on a board.


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Well, I stare out my home window all day and got a good bird feeder. I realized I like trying to get pictures of them, not a hobby I ever thought of but as its harder than I thought. Anyone have an EF lens suggestion for the 7D for some serious zoom? These were with the 55-250 EFS from 7 - 10 feet.

European Starling.


Female Cardinal, really skiddish.


Red-bellied Woodpecker.


"House" sparrow


White winged dove.


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Maybe something like a Tamron EF 70-300mm would be good. It's 1/3rd the price of the Canon 70-300L but not too far off IQ wise. That'll give you 480mm effective. You'll probably need to start using a tripod though, otherwise the required shutter speed is going to cause your ISO to get uncomfortably high in less than bright daylight.

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