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i wish i was that cool...

i ended up giving the bus driver who hit my friend and i a cigarette, nevermind screaming at him :blink:

also, more people need to be online at 3 am :(

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why didnt he just step on the brake when he was fish-tailing?

Weight would be taken off the back tires, less traction they would either catch the road and he would have flipped it anyways or he would slide it around into the ditch. Your not supposed to hit the brakes when your fishtailing but instead let off the throttle and steer in the way you are sliding.

Even if he did what he was supposed to do he probably would have ended up in the ditch anyways.

Now that I watch it a bit more I don't think there is anyway he could have gotten out of that. Any ideas anyone besides don't drive like an idiot?

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What's wrong with a euro plate? At least it doesn't say anything gay. Just some numbers and letters...

Honey bunny that thing doesn't need to say anything to be gay, I mean really Reid come on.

Sorry I had to post something to take my mind off Reid fucked euro plate.


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is anybody else freaked out by women with 6packs? :ph34r:

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