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A little rant here:

for the past 5 days here at my base they have offered some certification training

well majority were military and Government people

well our IAO (Information Assurance Officer) was in the class.. and over 50% of the people failed the test at the end. including our IAO

he is GS

he "manages" our network and he FAILED the certification training on Security?

a girl that works for my company got a good score and passed, and she has never touched a server in her life...

good job government employees :arob:

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god damnit, the bathrooms in our dorm rooms have vents that run between the floors. and probably because someone is smoking pot on one of the floors above/below me, subsequently my bathroom now reeks of pot. god i could probably get high off of the fumes that are in there right now. be back in a sec :lol:

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