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I hate hate hate comcast. My tv hasn't work since I moved into my new appt oh say a month and a half ago blink.gif. I first called them to find out why and the box I have was not checked out of the warehouse so I'm told I need to go there and exchange it. I tell them thats un acceptable and they basically say tough shit. Then the DVR goes out on the main tv for the appt so finally I can get them to come out diagnois and then while there here they can replace my box as well. Well the appointments are 3 hour time slots,and as a student I don't exactly have 3 hour blocks of time during normal business hours to accommodate them. Never the less I find a time two weeks ago and wait and wait and wait. Finally 15 minutes after the time slot is up they call....while im in class. I call back later and they try to tell me its my fault because i wasn't there but they will do me a favor and reschedule. After a few choice 4 letter words I get a manager and tell them thats bullshit 11 o clock is not 1115 i have things to do and if you guys can't make a 3 hour window im sorry. They finally agree to credit my balance (like their commericals say they will) and i get a new appointment, again at an inconvenience to me. Meanwhile every day between the day i made the appointment and the day of the appointment i get a recorded call asking me to confirm the appointment twice a day. Fast forward they miss another appointment suprise. So now i'm wondering today if today is the day they will show up...I'm kind of hoping not because i keep getting credits and may end up with them owing me money (appt pays for basic cable i pay $10 a month to upgrade to hd and dvr)...

so cable box doesn't work = my problem to deal with

dvr goes out on another box so they will come to fix both

missed on appoint by 15 minutes and try to blame me

missed another completely

call me twice a day everyday to confirm the appointment.

/rant fuck comcast.

andddddddd they fixed the dvr but not my cable box....if it wasn't official before comcast blows.

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My home office got featured on a blog. Their motto is "Unclutterer is the blog about getting and staying organized. A place for everything, and everything in its place is our gospel."

I was wondering why was my flickr photo getting so much traffic.

Check it out! :)

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