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You have no idea how many bingos I just made right there, followed by tic-tac-toes. Pretty much every stereotype you see on that board, was present. My friend from work came with me, and I told him part way in, "these are the exact people that piss me off during the day, this is why I can't stand people, this is why I'm always mad". I think they were trying to make the point that driving is bad and biking is environmentally friendly, but you have no idea how bad I wanted to drive my car during it. All I could think about is, why the fuck am I biking right now? :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

I'm still pissed. Obviously. :lol: <_<

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pittsburgh was pretty good to me while i was out there. although the pirates are kind of an embarrassment. great stadium but crappy team.

surprised to see madtown on the list. i guess if you like lots of drunk college kids then yeah its a great place to move to. :lol:

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