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engineer :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was going to ask who needs a clock or a boost gauge in the engine bay but then I read his occupation. An engineer of course. :lol:

Damn. Looks like the minimum requirement to be in that thread is 6 gauges in the engine bay and at least 25% of your car has to be CF.

All of those cars belong to the same guy.

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I liked the showroom/garage with the yellow in it.

If I can get the price I want for a '09 Z4 tomorrow, I may not have my S40 anymore. :(

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Ugh. Got invited to go to this tonight for free from my friend who works at Turner Ballroom (part of the Pabst Theaters). I should really work on my papers and what not, but I did get everyone done that I wanted to tonight. Ugggghhhhh

I know none of you would probably like it, but it would be fun and cool to see.

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Whos the kid with the V70R 98 silver with commets in Conn ?

Was supposed to send me a Cat and for some reason it hasnt arrived ....

Thanks :D

all to often the pussy doesnt arrive for me.

so how should i ship this to you?


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