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I was just saying that the Wii is pretty gay. No true HD is superrrrr lame. 480P does not count NINTENDO

I could agree with you if I bought the Wii to watch HD movies. But I bought it to play video games. :P

I think it does a great job delivering nice graphics. That being said my wife and I haven't used it in like a year if not more. :lol:

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playing tennis on my 42" makes the Wii look like an atari!

About to try a component cable but don't think it will help.....

I see, maybe ours looks good because it's only hooked up to an older Sony WEGA flatscreen tube tv. I'd really like a ~55 in. for the living room but the Sony is in such nice shape and does a fantastic job sound and picture wise. Maybe when it starts acting up....

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Amazon has a few for cheap, although I just found a nice rocketfish on ebay for 10 shipped!

haha who the heck has tube TVs? damn! even my old fogy non-techy parents have a 32" LED TV

I guess I can't say much as my 42" was given to me and it's my first TV I've owned...

You guys have your Wiis hacked for USB?

im used to playing Wii on a 120 inch projection screen :lol:

The heads must just be one big pixel!

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Teenager Gets Three Years in Jail for Four Beheadings


dam. that kid..... 4 years for all that. O.o

Tuesday, a judge sentenced Edgar "El Ponchis" Jimenez Lugo to four years in prison--the maximum allowed for a minor according to Mexican law--on homicide, kidnapping, and drugs and weapons charges.

:lol: at the proof read error.

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