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Pretty good April Fool's by Swedespeed.

I like that black with yellow accent interior a lot though.

I. I saw that on facebook earlier today. That would have been kind of cool. :(

number two: your avatar is HILARIOUS

c. your sig is in need of an update, brohaim

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Havent bought oranges in so long I was surprised to find they were only $1.99 for a bag of 30.

Probably trying to get rid of what was left over. Isn't the Florida citrus season pretty much over?

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If I'm going to do a trans-flush, is there any real reason behind draining from the drain-plug if I'm running tube from the transline? Is it just to save time? Or is it draining fluid from some other area that otherwise wouldn't come out through the line?

Seems like its easier not to have to mess with the plug, and I'm short a crush-washer.

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