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Wow, I've been listening to them since day 1 (35 years ago) - remember driving home from soccer games or wherever we were going with my Dad and listening to Car Talk. Then when I married my wife she started listening in our morning runs for bagels. Now my daughters listen when we head out on Saturday mornings although I often wind up listening to the whole episode on the iPod at some later time.

My first Volvo purchase was an NA because they spoke so poorly about the turbo maintenance - I since learned know how wrong they were. :lol:

A real loss - don't know what I'm going to do with my Saturday morning.

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A real life Doogie Howser:

This means the kid was a teenager working in the hospital doing clinicals. Pretty sure I would ask where the real Doctor was if he walked into my room.

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Damn that really sucks. Car Talk and french toast has been my Saturday morning ritual since I was 16. The only radio station I get is NPR, and that was my favorite show. Please no more Ira Glass.

Imagine if Ira Glass takes over their hour too..ugh.
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