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Need hard drives for my drobo now, anyone have any suggestions on which brand and where to get them? I can use any of the following drive types:

"Green" SATA Disk Drives

"Red" SATA Disk Drives

7200RPM Performance SATA Disk Drives

Enterprise SATA Disk Drives

You might have difficulty applying those terms to a site like newegg. They are more of marketing type term than a technical term.

You want 3.5inch, SATA 2 or 3 drives. SATA 3 has more bandwidth (so, larger "pipe"). Sometimes they reference to SATA by bandwidth, so 3 and 6Gbit/s, instead of "2" and "3". Yes, it's confusing. Safest bet to get the best performance is to buy identical drive models. Higher RPM usually means more power consumption, more noise, and faster drives. Cache on the drive is important too (and often overlooked). Usually more cache gives you slightly better performance, but that's tough to say, and tough to say how much. It depends on too many variables. Average latency is useful in comparing drives to see which is faster, and another value not talked on Drobo's site is MTBF; Mean Time Between Failure. In other words, average time until it fails you.

I don't have a brand preference myself. Like their site says, price is usually the big decider here. 15krpm drives cost quite a bit over 7200. If you really want high uptime, and expect to use this for a while and will be used heavily, I might buy 5. 4 to install, a spare for the shelf ready to go. The more it is used, and the longer it is used, the greater the likelihood of drive failure. I've ordered from newegg in the past and found them to have pretty good prices and selection. Though things may have changed in the year since my last HDD purchase.

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the cake is a lie, its not free.they dont charge you to list but they assess the final value fee and its close to 15% now.. its soo fucking expensive to use ebay after final value fees and paypal fees its closer to 25-27% of what you sell for. fuck that.

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Welcome to the over sensitive times of our lives. I'm soooo glad I'm a Nigerian of Chinese decent born in the middle east but just recently I became a naturalized US citizen since immigrating from Latin America. I could never be racist! I am at peace with all people. Except for those stupid white folks, that's not racist, it's true, why the fuck do white people wear their shoes in the house!?!

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